A cozy little crêperie less than 20 minutes from the Château!

We spend a lot of time at the castle during the weekends and thus our weekend chores are often done here in l’Eure. On the Saturday and Sunday mornings that we run our errands, l’Aigle is often our destination for groceries and other purchases. So, l’Aigle is naturally the place where we often go to have a nice lunch or dinner. There a handful of quaint restaurants and pubs in l’Aigle, but one in particular really stands out for us (seeing as Marie-Madeleine is Bretonne it’s all the more special! ) : The Crêperie Pinocchio opened late this summer and we had the opportunity to check it out for a Sunday lunch.

We ate there with our 3-year-old daughter, who also happens to have Bretonne blood running strong in her veins (she too loves galettes and crêpes). The food was absolutely delicious and the Normand touch on the galette menu was much-appreciated. What’s more, they serve gernerous portions! Even with my hefty appetite and my gourmandise, we weren’t able to finish all of our food. Not a problem, we had doggy-bag with enough food to make a small afternoon snack for us and our daughter.

After the meal we got to talk with the owners – who are wonderfully eccentric people with plenty of curiosity. They gave us some great ideas on villages to see in the areas around l’Aigle and some of the happenings of the area, such as American jazz on Sundays at Le Cheval Blanc in Moulins la Marche.

I can imagine nothing but success for this little crêperie. The décor is pleasantly creative, the ambiance is warm and welcoming, and the owners are genuinely interesting people. I recommend fullheartedly the Crêperie Pinocchio in l’Aigle and can’t wait to return when the opportunity arises!

Oh, and check out the article in lereveilnormand about their recent opening.